[The Magic Japan Tour 2016] @TOKUZO



  1. Mirror Monster (La Isla Bonita)
  2. Twin Killers (The Runners Four)
  3. Polly Bee (The Man, The King, The Girl)
  4. Milk Man (Milk Man)
  5. Paradise Girls (La Isla Bonita)
  6. That Ain’t No Life To Me (The Magic)
  7. Fresh Born (Offend Maggie)
  8. Dummy Discards A Heart (Apple O’)
  9. Bad Kids to the Front (Breakup Song)
  10. No One Asked to Dance (Deerhoof vs. Evil)
  11. Buck And Judy (Offend Maggie)
  12. Debut (The Magic)
  13. Kafe Mania! (The Magic)
  14. Last Fad (La Isla Bonita)
  15. Believe E.S.P. (Friend Opportunity)
  16. There’s That Grin (Breakup Song)
  17. Plastic Thrills (The Magic)
  18. We Do Parties (Breakup Song)


  1. O’Malley, Former Underdog (The Runners Four)
  2. Come See The Duck (Green Cosmos)

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